Flood alert system


The System Alert of flood Pro-SAI, has been developed in order to improve the road safety, incorporating technology into the luminous signposting in roads or underpasses capable of being flooded.

The system integrates a sensor of water level that activates the luminous sign when the above mentioned level overcomes the pre-established limit. Thus, the road remains cut automatically avoiding breakdowns and what is more important, avoiding multiple accidents and retentions for accumulation of vehicles in the flooded zone.

The system consists in:

  • Sign LED conceals from 100 x 68 cm, made of aluminium closed and composed of a series of LEDs that will form the pictogram R-101 and the text ” CUT ROAD “.
  • Level sensor of liquids, type buoy, installed in box of connections of 100 x 100 mm. Made of Polypropylene and Rubber nitrilo.

Applications and functionalities

His principal application is it of restricting the drivers’ step to zones capable of being flooded, such as underpasses or tunnels.

The system can be fed by means of panel solar or connected to electrical network.

* Additional, the system can shelter a Module GPRS*.

Thus, when the sensor detects that the step is flooded, the system sends automatically a SMS to the Center of control of Traffic or Police, allowing them to know the condition of the road in real time.

* The system includes an electronic lock to activate / deactivate the luminous sign, of manual form, at any time. *The module GPRS does not include the SIM card, which runs at the expense of the client

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