Hidden LED sign


Hidden Sign provided of leds to illuminate the signposting that is wished in different manners: fix illumination, flash or triflash. Hereby the leds of the sign help to catch the attention of the drivers more effective.

His use is suitable in places of special risk, in which it is necessary that the driver payes attention to the indications of the signs, such as:

  • Urbanizations.
  • School zones.
  • Industrial environments.
  • Tourist zones.
  • Urban routes of controlled speed.
  • Areas of low visibility.
  • Signposting areas of precaution.

Ussing the game of keys (x2) it will be possible activate/deactivate the sign of manual form. The electronic lock is placed in the low part of the cupboard I suspend to 2,4 m. of the ground.

The sign can connect to network of alternating current or a solar kit can be included, with a solar plate, a regulator of load and a rechargeable battery.

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