PROINcloud is a platform developed and implemented in PROIN that allows to the user to have more presence and knowledge on what it is happening in the road.

  • What happens in real time.
  • Immediate notices of events or incidents (SMS or E-mail).
  • Periodic measures of functioning.
  • To interact with the device remotely.
  • Historical record of events and statistics.
  • It helps to the capture of decision of new actions: Corrective / preventive.
  • To visualize, in the only platform, the condition of all the devices contracted with Proin.
  • Integration of our information in Systems of Management of the client.

System service Monitoring and Remote Control of Devices. It includes:

  1. From the SENSORS of our devices we capture information of variables that we are measuring in every case: solar Kit, gálibo, ice, floods, structure …
  2. With the captured measures we do: local actions that you specify of the application, for example to turn on a led sign, they send information to our central system PROINcloud.
  3. Of centralized form, the information is processed and condition of the installation IS VISUALIZED. From the processed information we will be able: to throw secondary actions: to send SMS to manager of the road, to generate periodic reports of statistics of use of the route or functioning of the installation, for example the state of a solar kit.

Project Financed jointly by the Government of Castilla-La Mancha and the European Union across the Feder.

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