Delineator of edge for conventional road that incorporates in his base a system flexor of rubber that has been designed principally to relieve the hurts provoked for the snow that is thrown to the border by the snowplows.

This system also is specially indicated for zones exposed to strong blasts of wind that can manage to turn or make turn the system of tie of the conventional delineators. It has been thought also for narrow rails by traffic of agricultural machines and special vehicles, that for his characteristics and for coming closer to the border, they end up by breaking the delineators.

The mechanism is based on a flexor system of own development that is capable of muffling the pushes that suffer the delineators in the occasions before mentioned, making them return to his initial position without suffering damage.

Already it is available for his installation in two versions:

  • Anchorage for safety fence or wall New Jersey.
  • Anchorage on foundation or in view of prefabricated of concrete.

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