Animal warning


This element frightens away animals by transverse reflection produced when the light coming from a car’s headlights reaches the reflector, producing thus an optical reflect that prevents animals from crossing the road.

This is a universal reflector, meaning that it can be used in all types of terrains, either in an up slope, a down one or in a flat terrain. In any way, the reflected beam will project parallel to the ground, independently of the slope.

The wildlife warning reflector is fixed to the conventional road posts by means of a metallic piece omega-shaped, allowing the deterrent to protrude from the back of the post in order to obtain a maximal reflection.


• Waterproof reflector.
• Resistant to corrosion and saltiness.
• Reflector and frame firmly jointed.


• Black coloured, matt plastic base.
• Measures: 86×182 mm.
• 2 reflective plates to be placed on a 45ºangle.
• Reflector type 3.
• Measures: 40×150 mm.

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