Reduced visibility detector


The lack of visibility in some geographical zones or concrete sections of roads is a reason appellant of traffic accident. Places with frequent episodes of fog, strong rains or sandstorms are the indicated ones to install the sensors of alert for limited visibility. A system created by Proinova in order to reduce the accident rate because of the lack of vision of the drivers.

The detector possesses an optical sensor a measure of visibility of between 20 and 4.000 meters using the method of retrodispersión. The sensor is sensitive to particles in a zone of between 5 and 10 meters ahead of his location that they limit the visibility in the air.

The system takes preconfigured a minimal range of visibility from which, if it is not reached, it will raise an alarm that will activate route radio frequency a hidden sign located up to two kilometres ahead in the opposite direction to the traffic of the vehicles. This distance can be defined and concreted by the client. In addition, this alarm can send route GPRS (e-mail or sms) to a remote point to report of the condition of the road.

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