SMA family atenuators are devices that are installed in specially troubled points and are designed to minimize the consequences derived from an accident to the members of the vehicle. These devices form a part of the passive safety of the route offering the highest values of safety in situations limit and improving the equipment of road safety in road.
All the SMA models have been tested as UNE EN 1317, classified as REDIRECTIONINGS and BIDIRECTIONALS obtaining all the certifications for 50, 80, 100 and 110 Km/h with the best results.

Frontal test Parallel Model 100 and 110 Km/h

Lateral test for atenuador the broad II


Video of test to 130 Km/h

Installation of the atenuador I

How to fold an atenuador in case of emergency

Lateral test for atenuador width I

Installation of the atenuador II

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