Under the trade name of PROINbal, we manufacture products of common use in road and highway works marking, like road post, cylindrical bollards polyethylene barrier, roadstuds, beam barrier cateyes, speed bumps, cones, luminous devices

Innovation and technology

PROINova, we design and make products and solutions for specific problems, applying the latest technology in intelligent signalling, by using sensors, hardware, dopplers, presence detectors, LED lighting, variable message devices, solar powering

Containment systems

PROINsis, offers the ultimate innovations in contention elements and passive road restraint systems such as: crash cushion (fixed and mobiles) and terminals, barrier systems with emergency gate, steel removable metal barrier, mixed wood – metal barrier.

We have Proinbal, Proinsis and Proinova product catalog

Executed projects

On this occasion, the project has been completed on the installation of containment elements at different points in a lane addition project for one of our subsidiaries in South America.

PROINSIS offers the widest variety of passive safety devices, crash cushion attenuators and end terminals that adapt perfectly to the needs of the road (more than 25 configuration options for all speeds), mobile medium steps for emergency vehicles, wall metallic, etc. We offer totally finished projects, which integrate technical advice and the installation of systems.

Sistemas de Contención

Giving solutions to the specific road safety problems, in the different traffic situations, is in the DNA of the PROINOVA technicians. An example of this is the Intelligent Crossing that detects the vehicles approaching the crossing, while alerting drivers that circulate through the main trunk on a conventional highway. The goal, thanks to this early detection, is to inform the driver in real time, improving their ability to react to any warning situation.

Cruces Inteligentes

We continue with production of different models of trailers. This time we supplied trailers equipped with double variable message panel: one graphic with all the pre-recorded code signals and another text panel. Our technical department adapts the design of trailers and vehicle equipment to the regulatory needs of the different markets. All our extensive range of trailers is manufactured under the highest quality stand

Fabricación de distintos remolques


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